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Tommy Oliver: The Ultimate Power Ranger.

Tommy Oliver becomes a fusion of his first three Ranger power's in order to finally destroy his original arch nemesis Goldar, who himself has also returned in a new and more powerful form as well as once again leading the Putty Patrol into battle with the Power Rangers. 

The Fusion SolutionEdit

After learning of his sworn enemie's return, Tommy Oliver came back out of retirement with all three of his Power Coin's which were fully restored along with their power's so that he will be able to counter Neo Goldar's new speed, new strength and new agility. Neo Goldar nearly destroyed the Ninja Supersteel Rangers until Tommy showed up and morphed into his White Ninja Ranger form (Tommy Oliver: It's Morphin Time!!! Falconzord!!!) and not only defeated the Puttys, but also took Neo Goldar head on. Realizing that he needed more agility, Tommy morphed into his true White Ranger form (Tommy Oliver: It's Morphin Time!!! Tigerzord!!!) and resummoned his Saba Sword against Neo Goldar and his sword. But when it comes to brute strength, Tommy had to morph into his Green/original Ranger form (It's Morphin Time!!! Dragonzord!!!) And used both his Dragon Dagger and Blade Blaster against Neo Goldar. By the time that Goldar had enough and left, Tommy was exhausted and demorphed before collapsing onto the ground. The Ninja Supersteel Rangers brought him back to their Command Center, and once he fully recovered, Dr. Oliver explained everything, including his entire history as a Power Ranger. The Ninja Supersteel Triad Ranger than came up with a brilliant idea; if Neo Goldar could barely stand up against Tommy's three separate Ranger form's, than why not all three of them combined. The genius of their team worked hard on all three of Tommy's Power Morphers and using all three Power Coin's as one whole powersorse; and after a few hours, The Ultimate Power Morpher was finally ready. All seven Power Rangers soon caught up with Neo Goldar and his Putty Patrol before they morphed, including Tommy Oliver (It's Morphin Time!!! Ultimate Ranger Power!!! Dragonzord Mode!!!) Neo Goldar was shocked by Tommy's Ultimate Ranger form before they fought again, with Tommy switching from one Mode to another (Tommy Oliver: Tigerzord Mode!!! (And later, Tommy Oliver: Falconzord Mode!!!)).Tommy's default/Dragon Mode gave him super brute strength, his Tiger Mode gave him super agility and his Falcon Mode gave him flight and super speed. His very own Instinct Awakened Mode was just like that of the Triad Ranger, but different. It gave him the Dragonzord's Drill Tail for a right arm, a left handed tiger paw and claw's and falcon wing's. Tommy finally destroyed Neo Goldar once and for all, and after a short celebration at the Ninja Supersteel Ranger's Command Center, Tommy Oliver said goodbye as he with his new power's left to continue fighting evil and defending the good. (The Ultimate Ranger: Parts One and Two)


  • Dragon Dagger (for Dragonzord Mode)
  • Saba Sword (for Tigerzord Mode)
  • Blade Blaster (for Falconzord Mode) 


  • Dragonzord (for Dragonzord Mode)
  • Tigerzord and it's Warrior Mode (for Tigerzord Mode)
  • Falconzord (for Falconzord Mode) 

Enhansment Mode'sEdit

  • Dragon Shield Mode (for Dragonzord Mode) 
  • Metallic Armor Mode (for Tigerzord Mode) 
  • Metallic Falcon Shield Mode (for Falconzord Mode) 


  • Dragon Boat (for Dragonzord Mode)
  • Tiger Cycle (for Tigerzord Mode)
  • Falcon Glider (for Falconzord Mode)

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Tommy Oliver's Ultimate Ranger form is obviously based on the Ninja Supersteel Triad Ranger form and the Ninja Supersteel Red Ranger in Eagle Mode. 
  • Though his resurrected Zords are never seen in the show, they are mentioned to have been rebuilt and upgraded.
  • Tommy's Tiger Cycle is based on his old Shark Cycle.
  • His Metallic Falcon Shield Mode is based on his Dragon Shield and Metallic Armor Mode's. 
  • He is the only Ninja Supersteel Ranger without a Cubezord/ Ninja Supersteel Foldingzord. 
  • With this Ranger form, Tommy Oliver now has a least one Ranger form for every PR Era.

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