Also known as The Saban Brands Era, it seems to live in its own continuity. With RPM living in an alternate dimension instead of another planet, all of the Legendary Rangers in Super Megaforce seem more like the living embodiment of the actual Rangers and their power's or something like that, the new Dino Charge timeline giving off the feeling that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Dino Thunder sease to exist and soo many other issues and problems that We all have with this current Era. Nickelodeon and Saban together have ruined Power Rangers, and below are all of the current teams/seasons, not including Super Seasons. 

Saban Brands EraEdit

  • Power Rangers Samurai
  • Power Rangers Megaforce
  • Power Rangers Dino Charge
  • Power Rangers Ninja Steel
  • Power Rangers Voyager 

    The Nickelodeon Year's!

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