No image availableThe V R Troopers and Beetleborgs are all back; but this time, they get a proper ending, unlike their respected t.v. shows. 

Playable Characters!
V R Troopers and Allies Ryan Steel: V R Cyberprod (Red and Blue) JB Reese: V R Black Katelin Star: V R Red Ryan Steel: V R Blue Jeb the talking dog and Sensei Tao Professor Heart and Tylar Steel:Ryan's father Woody Percy Sky Bace / V R Troopertron
V R Trooper's Villains Karl Zektor: Grimlord (Season One) Karl Zektor: Grimlord (Season Two) Doom Master Despaira General Ivar Colonel Icebot Oricon Skugs Ultra Skugs
Beetleborgs and Allies Drew McCormick: Beetleborg Blue Rollin Winslow: Beetleborg Green Joe McCormick: Beetleborg Red Josh Baldwin: Beetleborg White Heather Grandma/Nano Winslow Mr. Winslow Mrs. Winslow Arthur Art Fourtions
Beetleborgs Metallix and Allies Drew McCormick: Beetleborg Gold Rollin Winslow: Beetleborg Silver Joe McCormick: Beetleborg Purple Flabber The Phasom Fangula The Vampire Mums The Mummy Frankinbeans (Franky) The Frankenstein Monster Little Ghoul Wolfe Wolfgang The Werewolf
Beetleborg's Villains Vexor Drifus Noxic Jara Scags Drags Lester Less Fourtions and Nukus Horribell Vilor
Other Beetleborgs Allies Karato Silver Ray Boboborg Boron The Hunchback of Hillherse Vern Trip Vern and Trip's showfer Barron Von Frankinbeans: Frankies Father
Other Beetleborgs Villains Super Noxic Shewolf Jara Mega Nukus Super Vilor Mega Vilor Nurse Horribell Borgslayer Repgilligan Shadoeborg
Final Beetleborgs Allies Dragonborg Fireborg Lightningborg Ladyborg Little Franky: Frankys little brother Power Rangers Turbo Blue Senturion Phantom Ranger Dementia and Alpha Six
Final Beetleborgs Villains Scorpix Cintapix Horntix Mantix Torchmao Porkasaurus Changling Ultra Vulture Monster Fangula
Final V R Troopers Villains Chopper Jetbot Vanbot Darkheart Dream Master Transmutant Ninjabot Wolfbot Spiderbot
Notes and Trivia
The only Saban Heroes not in the game are The Masked Rider, The Mystic Knights of Ter Ra Nog and Los Luchadoris. The V R Troopers and The Beetleborgs are the only Saban Heroes to have two season's instead of just one.
Beetleborgs is the only show to have the most characters than The V R Troopers and any of The Power Rangers. Power Rangers Turbo are the only Power Rangers in this game.
This was the first Saban Brands Lego Videogame that's not a Power Rangers game. This game was never given a sequel.

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