The 15 official 6th Rangers

Taking place in yet another alternate universe, the final installment of the Lego Power Ranger games has you play as… yes the Power Rangers of this Era. 
The Rangers!
Samurai Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Gold Female Red Mentor Ji Bulk
Super Samurai Samurai Megazord Claw Battlezord Samurai Battlewing Battlewing Megazord Bull Megazord Samurai Shark Megazord Samurai Gigazord Samurai Shark Gigazord Spike
Megaforce Red Blue Yellow Black Pink Robo Knight Gosei Great Megazord Gosei Ground Megazord Gosei Great Grand Megazord
Super Megaforce Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Silver Legendary Megazord Q-Rex Megazord Turbo Falcon Megazord
Dino Charge Red Blue Black Green Pink Gold Aqua Graphite Purple
Dino Supercharge Silver Talon Dino Charge Megazord: Tri Stego Formation Petra Charge Megazord: Para Raptor Formation Spino Charge Megazord: Ankilo Packy Formation Plezio Charge Megazord Plezio Charge Megazord: Packy Rex Formation Titano Charge Megazord Dino Charge Ultrazord
Ninja Steel Red Blue Yellow White Pink Gold Ninja Charge Megazord Sheriff Charge Megazord Ninja Sheriff Charge Megazord
Ninja Supersteel Lion Megazord Ninja Supercharge Megazord Ninja Charge Megazord: Jungle Fury Mode Ninja Charge Megazord: In Space Mode Ninja Charge Megazord: Dino Thunder Mode Ninja Charge Megazord: RPM Mode Sheriff Charge Megazord: RPM Mode Ninja Charge Dragonzord Ninja Charge Ultrazord and Ninja Supercharge Ultrazord
Super TBA
Evil Villains!
Master Xandrid Daiyu Octoroo Deker Professor Cog
Moogers Flying Moogers Giant Moogers Spitfangs Klankers
Vrak Metal Alice Bigs Blufur Loogies
Vekar Dameras Livera Braksis and Bruisers X-Borgs and Emperor Mavro
Sledge Lovera Lucario Furi Wrench
Hackel Vivix Vivizords Wardens Evil Talon Ranger
Super TBA
Super TBA
Notes and Trivia.
The seasons between 2009 & 2015 are best known as The Power Rangers Five Years of C##P. In France (or whatever other country) Power Rangers Super Megaforce is called Power Rangers Captain Force; other things were probably named a lot better in that country to.
All of the unanswered questions of Super Megaforce are all addressed and fully answered/explained, finally. The Lost (New) Power Set's from Super Megaforce are finally given a proper origin story.
The Alien Armada from Super Megaforce are finally given a name, The Zangyak. This is the first Lego Power Rangers game to not have any of the song's nor themesongs from the show mostly because these theme song's all use"Go Go Power Rangers!!!" in them.

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