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The Disney Era, plus The Lunar Wolf Ranger

The 3rd Era (The Disney Era) takes place in an alternate universe, which Power Ranger veterans Tommy Oliver and Adam Park can both easily travel to through their powers connection to their Universal Morphing Grid. 
The Rangers!
Ninja Storm Red Blue Yellow Crimson Navy Green Storm Megazord Thunder Megazord Samurai Star Megazord
Dino Thunder Red Blue Yellow Black White Triassic Thundersaurus Megazord Dino Stegazord Mezodon Megazord
SPD Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Omega Shadow Kat Nova
SPD Delta Squad Megazord Delta Command Megazord Omega Max Megazord Delta Max Megazord Delta Blast Megazord S.W.A.T. Megazord Deka Gold Ranger A-Squad Megazord R.I.C. 2.0
Mystic Force Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Gold Titan Megazord SolarStreak Megazord Phoenix Unizord
Operation Overdrive Red Blue Yellow Black Pink Mercury Drivemax Megazord Sentinel Knight Flashpoint Megazord
Super Legends Super Omega Hidden Megazords: Thunderstorm Megazord Hidden Megazords: Tricera Max Megazord Hidden Megazords: Manticore Megazord Hidden Megazords: Centarus Wolf Megazord Hidden Megazords: Centarus Phoenix Megazord Hidden Megazords: Battlefleet Megazord Hidden Megazords: Road Attackzord Hidden Megazords: Paleomax Megazord
Jungle Fury Red Blue Yellow Purple White Jungle Pride Megazord Jungle Master Megazord Wolf Pride Megazord Rhino Steel Megazord
RPM Red Blue Yellow Green Black Gold Silver High Octane Megazord Zenith Megazord and Mach Megazord
Big Hero Six Indigo Yellow Green Pink Blue Baymax Baymax: Armorless Baymax: Classic Armor Giant Baymax
Evil Villains!
Lothor Zergane Choobo Kelzaks Kelzak Furies
Mezogog Zeltrax Elsa Tyranno Drones Triptoids
Emperor Grumm Morgana Broodwing Crybots and The A-Squad Rangers (all 5) Blue Heads and Orange Crybots
Emperius Koragg Neckrolie Octomus Wormlings
Florius Multar Trax Chillards Lava Lizards
Daishi Carnasaur Jellica Grizzaka Renshi
Venjix Tenyah 7 Super Venjix Professor Cog Klankers
Notes and Trivia.
This game has the most Power Rangers at a total of 58 (or 60 including Mystic Force White and the Wolf Warrior as hidden characters) and the most Megazords at a total of 30. Defender Vest Mode M.M.P.R.Black is another hidden character who can only be unlocked after beating the Once A Ranger Mission's.
If you include hidden characters Defender Vest Mode M.M.P.R.Black, Lion Warrior, Mystic Force White, Wolf Warrior and Chamel, there are a total of 65 Power Rangers. The Battlizers for all the Red Rangers ( except A-Squad, who doesn't have one), including Shark Mode RPM Red Ranger can be added on after unlocking them via perchace in the Item Shop.
Tommy and Adam are the only Power Rangers from the Zordon and Post Zordon Era's in this game. Big Hero Six are the only guest characters in the game, and that's because they are considered a Tokusatsu team, like the Power Rangers.

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