The Post Zordon Era gets its very own Lego Videogame as the sequel to the last Lego Power Rangers game. 
The Rangers!
Lost Galaxy Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Magna Defender Galaxy Megazord Mega Defender Defender Torozord
Lightspeed Rescue Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Titanium Lightspeed Megazord Max Solarzord SuperTrain Megazord
Time Force Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Quantum Time Force Megazord Mode Blue Time Force Megazord Mode Red Q-Rex Megazord
Wild Force Red Blue Yellow Black White Lunar Wolf Wild Force Megazord Predazord Kongazord
Evil Villains!
Trukeena Scorius Deviot Swabbies Sting Wingers
Queen Banchera Oympius Vipra ??????? Batlings
Ransik Nadera Drax Plutto Robots
Master Org Toxica Jindrax Zenaku Putrids
Notes and Trivia.
This game has the same number of Locations, Missions and hidden characters (10 each) per Ranger team as the first game. Forever Red is a secret Mission which can only be unlocked after scanning the saved data from the last game.
This game has 24 Power Rangers (not including the Zordon Era Red Rangers) and 12 Zords/Megazords. The five generals of The Machine Empire, Serpenterra, the Psycho Rangers and the Cogs are also in the game.
Power Rangers in Space and The Astro Megazord are in two of the Lost Galaxy missions as well as Bulk & Skull and even Angel Grove. Unlike on the show, Kendrick: the original Lost Galaxy Pink Ranger stays dead and Carone permanently replaces her.

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