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The First six Red Rangers, Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Turbo, In Space, Lost Galaxy and Lightspeed Rescue

The first six seasons of Power Rangers are retold in Lego form. 
The Power Rangers
Mighty Morphin Red Blue Yellow Black Pink Green Dino Megazord Dragonzord Dragonzord in Battle Mode
Squadron Red Blue Yellow Green Pink M.M.P.R.White Red Dragon Thunderzord Mega Thunderzord White Tigerzord
Alien Red Blue Yellow Black White Ninjor Shogon Megazord Ninjor Shogon Mode Ninja Megazord
Zeo Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Gold Zeo Megazord Red Battle Zeozord Warrior Wheel
Turbo Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Blue Senturion Turbo Megazord Rescue Megazord Robo Racer
In Space Red Blue Yellow Black Pink Silver Astro Megazord Delta Megazord Mega Winger
Evil Villains!
Rita Repalsa Goldar Finster Scorpina Putty Patrol
Lord Zedd Sqwat Baboo Cyclopsis Zord Serpinterra Zord
Reto Revalto Master Vile Z-Putties Tanga Warriors King Spinkx
King Mondo Queen Machinea Klank Sprocket Cogs
Divadox Elgar Porto ??????? Paranatrons
Astronima Ecliptor Darkonda Qwontrons Dark Spector
Notes and Trivia.
Each Power Ranger team gets 10 locations, 10 missions and 10 hidden characters to unlock. There are a total of 60 Power Rangers and 20 Zords/Megazords in the game.
Zordon is revealed to be the original Mighty Morphin/Squadron White Ranger before he passed down his power's to Tommy Olivier. Every season's theme song is in the game, as well as the theme song's for M.M.P.R. Green, M.M.P.R. White and Zeo Gold.
Billy Cranston (M.M.P.R. Blue) is revealed to be the true identity of the Turbo Phantom Ranger. The themesongs for the Tanga Warriors, Paranatrons and MMPR the Movie 1995 are also in the game.

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