Dark Ranger The Pirate and Assassin for Hire

Carl Zektor of Zektor Industries has his head mad scientist create the ultimate Power Ranger killer called Dark Ranger The Pirate and Assassin for hire, and ordered him to destroy all of the Power Rangers of the 3rd Era who are not core members, destroy their powers and bring their helmets in any condition as proff. The reason why is because the entire 3rd Era of Power Rangers ruined his plans of buying out all of Mercer Industries, SPD, leveling the Mystic Forest and turning it into a new chemical factory and doing the same to all of the Ninja Academy's as well as Jungle Karma Pizza. This would send a message to the Rangers that know one messes with Carl Zektor, ever. 
Dark Ranger Bios!
Name Karl Coatrack
Age Mid 20s
Genger Male
Race Caucasian American
Hight 6.0
Weapons 2 Pirate Sabers a & 2 Pirate Pistols
Ranger Colour Black with a red visor and undershirt design
Shoulder Pads Gold, including the patterns on his torso
Personality Sadistic, soft spoken, broody, evil and smart
Family Emma Goodal: Megaforce/Super Megaforce Pink (love child), he murdered her mother when she was Seven, and was later adopted by her grandparents a day later.
Allies Carl Zektor, Ivar, Icebot, Doom Master, Despara, Oriclon, Skugs, Ultra Skugs, Chopper, Jetbot & Grimlord.
Spices Human
Occupation Bounty Hunter, Assassin, Pirate, Smuggler and Thief.
Education Collage, bachelor's degree in science & technology, mechanics, Paleontology and world history.
Mental Illness The same as Ted Bundy
Legendary Morpher Black and Gold
Weaknesses Battlizers & Ranger power's with no Sentai counterparts
Sworn Enemies Tommy Olivier, Adam Park and Zordon of Eltar
Ranger Form baced on Power Rangers Super Megaforce
Rangers and power's that he killed/destroyed!
Ranger Team Rangers
Ninja Storm Crimson, Navy and Green
Dino Thunder Yellow, Black (power's only) and White
SPD Shadow, Omega, Kat, and Nova
Mystic Force White, Solaris Knight and Wolf Warrior
Operation Overdrive Mercury and Sentinel Knight
Jungle Fury Wolf, Rhino, Elephant, Bat, Shark, Lion Warrior and Chameleon Warrior
RPM Green, Black, Gold and Silver
Name Objective
Practice Mode Master your power's and abilities
Thunder Ninja Academy Destroy the two Thunderstorm Rangers
Super Samurai Destroy the Green Samurai Storm Ranger
Fossils Destroy the Yellow, Black and White Dino Thunder Power Rangers
Delta Command Destroy the Shadow and Kat Rangers
FutureShock Destroy the Omega and Nova Rangers
Mystic Forrest Destroy the White Ranger, Solaris Knight and Wolf Warrior of Mystic Force
Overdrive Destroy the Sentinel Knight
Animal Spirit's Destroy the Wolf and Rhino Rangers
The Temple Destroy the Lion and Chameleon Warriors
Way of The Claw Destroy the three Spirit Rangers
Corinth Destroy the Green, Black, Gold and Silver RPM Rangers
Delivery Bring the helmets of your kills to Carl Zektor and escape the wrath of the other Power Rangers
-A plus SPD Find and rescue the evil A-Squad Rangers
Knight Find the right spell ingredients and create your own Koragg The Knight Wolf
Psychos As the A-Squad, find and defeat the ghosts of the evil Psycho Rangers and bring them back to life
Betrayal Destroy Doom Master
Puppets No More Destroy Despara
Still Think We're Know Longer of Use? Destroy Oriclon
General Destroy Ivar
Colonel Destroy Icebot
Clipped Wing's Destroy Chopper
Rocket Fuel Destroy Jetbot
Why did u betray us Grimlord? Destroy Carl Zektor/Grimlord
Still Evil Find out where the other Rangers went to
New Mega War Seek out and join the Alien Armada, by force
Lost Power's Destroy the Legendary Ranger power's and Key's of Lighting Mode Blue and Yellow, Prizum Mode Green and Pink, Supersonic Mode Yellow and Battalion Mode Red.
Super Mega Gold Defeat and survive the Super Megaforce Silver Ranger's Battlizer power's before time runs out (10 minutes)
Legendary Battle Survive the wrath of all 77 Power Rangers from MMPR to Super Megaforce that you did not kill/destroy
Retreat Leave Earth before all of the 77 Power Rangers finally destroy you, Koragg, A-Squad & the Psycho Rangers
Notes and Trivia
Dark Ranger was originally a fan made evil Power Ranger by the Super Sentai name Gokai Killer. He has never been seen useing any Legendary Ranger Key other than his primary one.
His former allies were originally enemies of the V R Troopers. The V R Troopers are only mentioned&seen in flashbacks.
The 27 helmets are still in the possession of The Dark Ranger. Tommy Oliver is the only surviving victim of Dark Ranger.


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