The Angry Videogame Nerd, after he stepped on a nail.

Baced on the two hour long YouTube special, The Angry Videogame Nerd goes on a mission to rescue the original playable characters from fifteen different LJN games after they were captured by their sworn enemies or someone else after he was sucked into the LJN videogame universe through his t.v. set on the 35th Anniversary of LJN. Guided by Rufus from Bill and Ted, driving the Time Machine Deloreon, riding Marty's Hoverboard, useing the best weapons he can get and partnered up with Shit Pickle, James Kyle (AVGN singer) and Mr. B.S., he will show these videogame characters how to play the game, play it right and save them from a deadly end. 
Levels and Objectives
Level One: Friday The 13th Kill Jason Voorhees and save both the six Camp Councillors and all of the Camp Kids. Movement on the map, animation of the cabins inside and rock throwing has been improved.
Level Two: A Nightmare On Elm Street Find and kill all of Freddys forms and save the Elm Street teens. All bedsheet ghosts and Zombies have been removed, Freddys Claw Glove is now on a chain, Freddy's head on balls is replaced with his Snake form from Nightmare part three, his ghost form is replaced with his living shadow from Freddy VS Jason and Freddy himself uses his moveset from Mortal Kombat Nine.
Level Three: Warlok Kill the Warlok and save the hero All problems with this game are now fixed.
Level Four: Back To The Future Save Marty from the teenage Biff Tannin. Health bar added, can now only walk and or run by pressing up, down, left or right instead of being unable to stop moving and accuracy has improved.
Level Five: Back To The Future 2 & 3 Find and destroy The Grey's Sports Almanac and rescue Doc Brown from Madbog Tannin. Health bar added, Rich Biff Tannin and Maddog Tannin are now in game bosses.
Level Six: True Lies Rescue the main hero from Fred F###s. All problems with this game are now fixed, health bar added and a new evil boss was added..
Level Seven: Beetlejuice Rescue Beetlejuice from the alpha sandworm. Health bar added, all enimies can be killed by jumping on or shooting at them, no falling through anything, torches can't hurt you and the alpha sandworm is added as a boss.
Level Eight: Who Framed Roger Rabbit Rescue Eddie Valiant, Roger and Jessica Rabbit from The Game Graphic Glitch Grimlin. Health bar added, only the boss can hurt you and The Glitch Grimlin replaces Judge Doom as the in game boss.
Level Nine: Bill and Ted's Excellent Videogame Adventure Rescue Bill and Ted from Al Capone. Health bar added, weapon accuracy improved, a map and compass added and Al Capone is the new boss.
Level Ten: The Karate Kid Rescue The Karate Kid from The Kong Fu Kid. Wont go backwards from any hit, gets right back up if AVGN fall in a pit, can defeat all the goons 50% easyer and The Kong Fu Kid is a new boss.
Level Eleven: The Incredible Crash Dummies Rescue the Crash Dummies from the Psycho Dummy. Health bar added, all other problems fixed and Psyco Dummy added as a boss.
Level Twelve: Alien 3 Rescue Ellen Ripley from The Xenomorph Queen. Endless ammo, a map and compass added, health bar added and The Xenomorph Queen is a new boss.
Level Thirteen: Jaws Rescue Mickle Brodie and kill Jaws. Health bar added, 27 different species of deadly enemies to shoot and Jaws is smarter.
Level Fourteen: Terminator 2: Judgment Day and The Arcade Game Rescue Sarah Connor, her son John and The T-800 from The T-1,000 & Skynet. Defeats grunts with three to five hits each, no sound when punching nothing but air and can use many different guns against both The T-1,000 & Skynet.
Level Fifteen: The Final Level Defeat the evil clone of the Angry Videogame Nerd and his minions from all of the other levels and save The LJN Universe. This is an original level created just for the game.
Notes and Trivia!
All of the music from each level is replaced with waaaay better music. The game is rated M for Mature.
Two of AVGN's partners in justice are both baced off of poop. This is the first time that AVGN faces off against an evil clone of himself.
Al Capone, Game Graphic Glitch Grimlin, AVGN clone, Fred F###s, rich Biff Tannin, Maddog Tannin, The Kong Fu Kid, Sandworm, Psycho Dummy and Skynet are the only new evil boss's. After beating the game, AVGN's girlfriend becomes a playable character.
List of original and replacement name's for each level!
Old Name New Name
Friday The 13th Camp Chrislake
A Nightmare On Elm Street Boo: Haunted House
Warlok Dark Wizard
Back To The Future Race Against Time
Back To The Future 2&3 Time Collector
True Lies True Fibs
Beetlejuice Spooky Fun
Who Framed Roger Rabbit Who Framed The Angry Videogame Nerd
The Karate Kid The Kong Fu Kid
The Incredible Crash Dummies Crash Course
Alien 3 Alien Hunting
Jaws Megashark
Terminator 2: Judgement Day Judgement Day
Bill and Ted's Excellent Videogame Adventure The Excellent Adventure
The Punisher (or something else) Punishment

Release Date: August 12 2025

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