Aethranorioum (abbreviated as ATRNRM) is a videogame universe that has made by Ed Boon, planning a first game call Mortal Kombat, which is based on the video game in 1992, developed by NetherRealm Studios.

Behind the fighting worldsEdit

The complains of the Aethranorioum was discovered many reason above fighting games, each haves one many fighters in many multiverses. Somepoint desplair about Mortal Kombat, the most brutal action in history, while original release in 1992. The cost remains to the second is Deviant Fighters, which many fighting games among to the Aethranorioum, for reason greatest at all. The story tells that Aethranorioum is seens have some fighters in other universes while being many different to each every power crisis at world collides. Found many more fighters in other universes are unknown, through fighters have three different above past, present and future. The stars make be replaces on Kosmology, the ancient origin, evolution and eventual fate of universe between fighting games, while came out into things, across many will never die, but most improved must being creations and will rising into crossovers of each fighting games world.

Universes Edit

  • NetherVerse



Mortal KombatEdit

The tournament is hidden of reckless Shaolin Tournament was removed to be official call "Mortal Kombat", causing by emperor Shao Kahn, during konquer realms except Outworld and/or Netherrealm, forgive for the most shaolin, Great Kung Lao, who left defeated by the shokan warrior named Goro.

Developers and PublishersEdit

Engines Edit

  • NetherEngine

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  • It is an videogame universe, the important shared universe across using videogame.
  • A featuring beyond among multiverses call "Aethranorioum Multiverse".
    • But instead universe know as "Aethranorioum Universe".
    • Discover while is fights among others than made being as universes.
  • The shared universe to using videogame among the creator of Mortal Kombat, Ed Boon, who founder above the NetherRealm Studios though the best games.
  • If showing plans any fighting games from DeviantArt, as being awesome. The series of the fighting games in Aethranorioum.