This game is a large crossover of different SHMUPs that don't blend very well but by god we did it anyway. If you're not from Japan, don't bother: half of these games weren't even released where you live. The rest are either from 80's arcade games that you haven't liked since you were six, or obscure late-90s games that are hard as balls and only had one game on the Dreamcast or some crap. Looking at you, Gunbrd series.

The RosterEdit

  • Everybody from Parodius (because unfortunately, Parodius doesn't exist, so we need to put these characters in)
  • A severely underpowered Vic Viper
  • Someone from Touhou, which is as much of a SHMUP as Mortal Kombat is a platformer
  • Eighteen different characters from DonPachi, which all play the same
  • Someone from an old Taito or Namco game, who serves no purpose other than being kind of funny to see alongside the other characters
  • That one character who just breaks everything
  • That one character everyone liked but got cut from the final version
  • The dude from R-Type (nothing bad to say about him)