4th Dimension Company
Founded 1994
Founder(s) IAmBagel
Headquarters Sydney, Austrailia
Products Bob The Marshmallow series
Rock series
Employees TBA
Motto Travel to a new Dimension
President IAmBagel
4th Dimension Company is a video game company founded by IAmBagel.


Bob The Marshmallow SeriesEdit

Bob The Marshmallow (1997)

Bob The Marshmallow 2 (1999)

Bob The Marshmallow 3 (2002)

Bob The Marshmallow: Time Trouble (2004)

Bob The Marshmallow Evolution (2007)

Bob The Marshmallow Adventure (2009)

Bob The Marshmallow: Reloaded (2012)

Rock SeriesEdit

Rock (1998)

Rock 2 (2000)

Rock 3 (2003)

Rock Rampage (2005)

Rock Returns (2012)

Cancelled GamesEdit

Nigel Insanity (Due for a 2003 release) (Spin-off of Bob The Marshmellow)

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